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Same webcast link for recurring recordings

Due to the need to do hybrid classes, faculty want to Livestream their classroom Panopto sessions. While you can create a recurring event, it creates a different webcast link for each sessions. It would be better to have one consistent link so students don't have to get a new link for every class. Having a persistent link would be good for any recurring event, so not only courses, but seminars and other lectures where one link could be sent out to those who would like to view the live webcast.

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  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Hi @Elaine Mello - Have you considered embedding a folder into the LMS or webpage where they are going to get the webcast URL? When a session goes live, it goes to the top of the list in that folder. Thanks. -Dave

  • Dave, what we ended up doing was harvesting the links for the faculty to embed in Canvas, but really, having a consistent link that they click on the same way from the beginning should be easy to do - they're used it it for Zoom meetings, why not for Panopto live streaming? As someone who has done a lot of webcasting in the past, it makes sense to have a consistent link for people to follow.

  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Good feedback! I'll be sure to pass this along.

  • We have been considering using Panopto for some recurring events but the fact that we would have to update the embed code on a website at least weekly (if not more frequently) doesn't make it a very viable solution. Being able to re-use the same embed code for multiple or recurring live streams would be a huge plus for us as well.

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