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Require users verify they want to keep their imported Zoom recordings

Last week I determined that about 85% of my Panopto content is coming from Zoom, but only ~55% of those videos are ever watched. As a result, I have about 70K sessions with no views which total about 50K hours of content. Given the upcoming changes to the pricing model, that represents a substantial cost.

A number of customers have asked Panopto for a way to import specific recordings (as opposed to importing all of them). Apparently such a change is not possible due to the way Zoom and Panopto are integrated.

But could Panopto implement something similar to the publisher approval workflow which already exists for regular video content? A process in which users would be asked if they want to save their cloud recordings after they have been imported from Zoom?

I envision something like the following:

  • Panopto continues to import Zoom cloud recordings like they do now. (This may be all recordings, recordings only for specific users, etc.) Depending upon the site's configuration, recordings may also continue to be deleted from Zoom after being imported.
  • After the Panopto import is complete, users would receive an email asking them if they wanted to Delete or Save the recording. *
    1. If a user chooses Delete, the recording is sent to the Panopto Recycle Bin where it is automatically deleted after 90 days.
    2. If they choose to Save, everything works exactly the same as it does today (including enforcement of any content retention policies).
    3. But the email also informs users that if they don’t act on the email and select one of those two options within [30] days, the imported video will be....
      1. Sent to Archive?
      2. Deleted?
      3. Sent to Archive in 30 days and then permanently deleted in 90 more days?
      4. Other...

Since this process is essentially just an implementation of a content retention policy but it is applied close to the point of intake (as opposed to doing so later), the specific actions and timings should be configurable by at the site level. (Maybe we want to give users 30 days to do anything. Then we elect to archive the recording in 30 days and then delete it 60 days later. Another customer may choose to give users only 7 days to act and then delete the recording immediately knowing that it can be retrieved from the Panopto Recycle bin for 90 days.)

It seems like it would also be possible to have any Meeting IDs which are mapped to folders or any meetings which are from an LTI integration be exempted from this process. They should go where they’re supposed to without any action required. This would reduce the impact on course related content and require minimal changes in user behavior.

If a user has not acted on a recording and indicated their preference, Panopto could also send the users follow up emails prior to any action taking place (perhaps a week before and the day before?).

* In order to reduce the quantity of emails users receive (since I often see multiple recordings for the same meeting), it may be helpful send users a daily email which contains a list of their imported recordings as opposed to sending one for every recording. The emails might just take users to a page in Panopto (in the user's settings?) where they can review and take action on any Zoom recordings which they have not yet acted upon. The email could also let customers share their content retention policies.

I suspect we are all importing a lot of content which is not actually needed. This process seems like it could be a relatively simple way to reduce that.

And perhaps most importantly, right now Panopto admins are solely responsible for managing storage. This process would let us shift some of that responsibility to the users and give them some control over their own content.

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    Yet another reason that I asked for a User-Managed integration: https://community.panopto.com/discussion/1041/create-a-user-managed-zoom-integration-allow-opt-in

    It should be possible for Users to have control over which content is being pulled into Panopto. And granting blanket access to Panopto to manage the whole process leaves us with problems like this where all newly created content comes through. There's no opportunity to change your mind later if you want something imported and you don't have a way of importing one specific recording using the advanced Zoom import functionality. 😥

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