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Resize and move webcam picture-in-picture over slides

Hi there,

I just came across Panopto and it's really a cool video-making tool. One thing I see missing a lot, though, is the chance to move your face, when you are recording the wecam over the slides, around the layout page. It would be cool to be able to:

  • change size and shape (round vs squared)
  • change position aroung the page

One problem I am facing is that the webcam area overalps with the slides content and if you are using an existing PPT file you need to modify all the slides accordingly not to cover up useful content.

Thanks. 😊


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    Eric LiknessEric Likness Crackerjack

    Christian, are you creating a recording using the download/install Panopto Recorder program or using the web-based "Create" button to do the recording directly from the web-browser itself?

    I know in past at least, the download/install version of Panopto recorder would record desktop slides/web camera separately and present them in the Panopto Viewer after they were uploaded and ready to view. The Panopto Viewer A-L-W-A-Y-S displays slides full screen in one window frame (large left frame) and the web cam is the smaller right-side frame. But this is always the format created when using the desktop application, not the web-based "Create" option.

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