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Separate primary video and audio

Good morning,

I would be interesting to be able to separate the primary audio from the primary video. This way if there is any error on the primary video, the video bit with the error could be replaced but keeping the audio has is.

The work around for this is download the podcast mp3, then uploaded to your video has a primary source, then you need to download the mp4 and then upload it has secondary source.... should be a click of a button.

Another request would be to add images had primary or secondary sources, and to be able to say show this image for x amount of seconds. This way for example a slide captures has video could be hidden by an image, and the editor could say for how long, instead of using a third party software as a work around like create a ppt file, save it has mp4 say the time you need then add it to panopto etc... and if we do this we still loose the audio that is attached to the primary video.

Thank you

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  • Cannot tell you how many times I've asked for this. I think it's on the roadmap or was at one time. Would be a killer feature.

    Panopto, any updates?

  • Yep. This was on the roadmap a year or two ago.

    Sometimes people just don't want their video because it doesn't add value, but they want to keep their screen recording and its audio.

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