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Talk with a Panopto UX Designer!

Alla TaborisskayaAlla Taborisskaya Panopto Employee
edited October 2022 in Community Announcements

The Panopto Design Team is looking for your feedback! Talk with a Pantopo UX designer one-on-one and share your thoughts. We are currently looking for feedback in the following areas:

General usability issues - Anything that is not working the way you expect it to work, creating friction and slowing down your process.

Archived videos - Have you created any videos that are now archived? Do you need to find or view archived videos (created  by yourself or others)? How are you using Search or Browse to access archived videos?

My name is Alla, I am leading the UX design team at Panopto, and I would love to talk with you and hear your feedback. Please use this direct link to my calendar to book a time for us to talk:



  • I'm glad you are soliciting feedback on UI issues, but I wonder if it might be helpful to have more of a framework around that feedback. For instance, soliciting feedback in specific areas of focus and then concentrating on those areas before moving on. There are a number of UI improvements that can be made across the Panopto feature set and I worry that just asking for general feedback will provide a bucket of very scattershot comments.

  • Alla TaborisskayaAlla Taborisskaya Panopto Employee

    Hi Brian, thank you for reaching out! I agree that "General usability issues" could be a bit broad, but collecting and categorizing these issues is just a first step. I would love to hear more about your experience with Panopto, and your idea for the framework!

  • Some things that come to mind that might be good to address in the UX camp are as follows:

    • Site branding, messaging, and user feedback collection
    • The professional captions implementation and permissions therein
    • The process of managing/scheduling remote recorders
    • Integrations available or functionality in said integrations
    • Local user groups
    • User lifecycle management
    • The recycle bin and session lifecycle
    • "Everything" and changes we might want to see to that interface to make it more useful

    I could probably find things to provide feedback on with just about every aspect of a given platform. If it would be useful to open that firehose, I am happy to provide that stream of feedback. With that said, if there are specific things that you are looking to address, I'd be happy to provide specific feedback.

    I probably won't have time to put something together in the next few weeks, but if you can provide a timeline for when you'd like to wrap these up, I can try to meet that mark.

  • Alla TaborisskayaAlla Taborisskaya Panopto Employee
    edited September 2022

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your feedback! I do not have a specific timeline for this as our research project is going to be an ongoing effort going forward, so any time you want to send me additional feedback or talk in-person, is great!


  • Yes some of the changes are already written up, voted on in the Feature Requests section of the community forum if that's any help. For me personally I would like something better, more similar to a scheduling interface for the Remote Recorder scheduler. That may be a bit heavy lifting. But it looked/acted more similar to any existing web-based calendar UI, (MS Office365 or Google Calendar) along with editing "series" of occurences instead of defaulting to only being able to edit single instances, that would be great.

  • Thanks Jaime, I guess we'll use the tools at hand. Continue up-voting and lobbying for the eventual adoption of a rational/usable Remote Recorder scheduling User Experience. 😎

  • How about improving the way the content retention policy audit screen is displayed? When not at full screen, columns get cut off and truncated.

    I also get frustrated by the lack of search-ability and information in the Archive. (These same issues apply to the Recycle Bin view.)

    I would love the ability to change the view, search based on the name, and filter based on dates (like you can do in the rest of the UI).

    If I want to find a video in the Archive, I have to sort by Name or date and just page through the results looking for it or using Command-F and finding a word on the page. Also, having the complete file path shown instead of just the folder would be extremely helpful.

  • Custom search rather than just 'Everything'

    Links to sessions that I can open in a new tab or page, currently they just open up the same main window instead.

  • an emphatic +1 to Chaz's comments about the embed tool and folders. This is especially confusing for faculty who take the time to organize their material and don't have anything, or very little, in their main course folder.

  • In Brightspace, we are able to click the dropdown with the course name to change to other folders or access subfolders. I don't know if this is available in other LMSs. In Brightspace, this feature is not obvious to many folks, so we reiterate it in our training sessions. I do agree with Chaz's suggestion of making the subfolders more easily accessed. Many instructors have subfolders and even with the dropdown, it's not obvious to many that you click the arrows to expand down to the subfolders.

  • We have that option in Canvas as well, but since we are mirrored to the Canvas subaccount structure, instructors need to drill down 4 or 5 levels to find their course and then the subfolders within. If they search for the course name, it will return it, but the search result will not show the option to expand for viewing subfolders so the issue remains the same. I would say maybe having the current folder always in quick access would help, but folders in quick access are also not expandable to find subfolders.

  • @Alla Taborisskaya - are you still taking appointments? The link above is no longer working, and I'd like to participate. Thanks.

  • Hi @Alla Taborisskaya,

    I also have some feedback and have tried to book you but it says that the link is not valid. Alternatively, if it is possible to get for your email address, I can send the feedback that way.


  • Alla TaborisskayaAlla Taborisskaya Panopto Employee
    edited October 2022

    Hi @Elba Rios and @Mads Szylit Larsen,

    Thank you for letting me know that the scheduling link was broken! Here is the updated link:


    Looking forward to talking with you soon!

  • Could there be an option for teacher to disable the speed function in a Panopto video ?

    Once there was a senior teacher asked: could we disable the speed option ?

    Why ? Cause that will reduce cognition. ( Some video teachers might not want students to speed up viewing )

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