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Button to Swap Primary and Secondary Streams for a Session

edited September 2022 in Feature Requests

Hi Panopto!

In the edit-->streams area of the session editing tool, I'd love to be able to have a button that swaps the primary and secondary streams. We are using Extron SMP351 units to record using a Virtual Input to capture the camera video signal. They all appear with the content stream as primary and the camera stream as secondary.


Mike P.

9 votes

Active · Last Updated


  • @Chaz Barbour that needs to happen!!

  • Any update on this? In my scenario, I use a automatic tracking camera as my primary video. It is a POE camera and I noticed it losing power just as the class was starting, so I swapped to the wideshot as my primary so I wouldn't lose the capture. After I did that, the close up camera seemed to stabilize, so it would be great if I could swap them back after the recording is over.

    Sad that people seem to be asking for the same features for years without getting any response....

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