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Session Information - Folder path


Would it be possible to show the whole folder path to a session in the session information window? Would help especially on scheduled recordings for checking that the path is right.

Now you have to go in and click your way through.


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  • I wish I could up vote this suggestion more than once.

    Since the introduction of reference copies we have been moving to a process whereby we have reusable learning objects (RLOs) as 'master' sessions in an admin folder, with linked reference copies in relevant cohort related folders (where permissions are managed via the Canvas VLE integration). Because our courses don't have a gap between the end of one year and the start of a new one we can't make use of the VLE copying functionality (which is a one time only action), so we have to manually copy the sessions and update the embed links in new courses. Being able to see the full folder path would be a really help when QA'ing our course set up, as we could easily see that the embedded session was pointing to the correct reference copy.

    Thanks for this suggestion Jens!

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