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Reconsidering Options for Destructive Edtor (Really cutting our portions of video)

Bonnie PowersBonnie Powers Crackerjack
edited February 3 in Feature Requests

I see that an earlier Feature Request has been archived... I'll paste it below for reference because there are a lot of great ideas that could perhaps be implemented in a safe way.

  1. In Higher Ed we have to protect Student privacy and I would feel better about actually removing some of the content in videos to increase our FERPA compliance. Even if I could only download or duplicate a version that removed the cuts to be 100% sure our faculty and staff wouldn't accidentally be sharing student information!
  2. See Jon DeGroot and R Judd's comments about reducing the cost of captions below...
  3. Taylor D has a good idea too - "Maybe have it hidden in an advanced edit mode? soft edit/hard edit modes?"  - or perhaps multiple instances to make sure that is what the user really wants to do "Are you sure you want to remove this section PERMANENTLY? It cannot be undone. OR or if you could export a copy that the edits were actually removed
  4. We need to be trusted to edit our own content the way we want to.
  5. Or perhaps it could be a setting for some users that Admins have to turn on

There are so many ways this could be implemented in a safe and limited way, so I am hoping to open the conversation again!


Bonnie P.

Destructive Editor (Archived)

Caitlin McCabe Administrator February 2020 edited February 2020

Original Post

Andrew Labuda, 3/12/2018 at 9:53 AM

My Idea is to allow an editor to remove portions of the session if wanted. Currently, edits do not remove the content but simply hide it. If you were able to mark an edit as a "final version" and remove the edited out portions of a stream, it could reduce the amount of storage needed for larger recordings that have been edited down a lot.


Jon DeGroot, 3/28/2018 2:28 PM

I agree with this. The other area it effects is with captions. If you hire out captions to an external party through the Panopto integration, they caption the entire unedited video which is more expensive.

Also, if you try to use Amara.org to caption a video with edits, the timing on the .srt file is inaccurate because Panopto requires timing for the entire unedited video. 

Taylor D., 5/2/2018 at 11:10 AM

We have occasionally captured things that we would like to permanently remove. I feel this option could have other uses. Maybe have it hidden in an advanced edit mode? soft edit/hard edit modes? 

R. Judd, 12/10/2018 at 11:54 AM

Being able to work with a final edit version for captioning, have the clipped-out segments GONE, is really important., if we are going to allow instructors to request captioning on videos t

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