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Download of single Streams

Hi Folks,

I would like to suggest a new feature. It would be nice, if I can download single streams from a session. The function to delete single streams is already there.

Is this possible?

4 votes

Under consideration · Last Updated


  • The functionality is already there. On your video, click on Settings, click on Outputs. Under Video Podcast, you can select what video stream to download and in what format and what resolution. You must click apply if you make a change and then wait for rendering. Once the video stream is ready, just click on Download podcast (video).

  • Yeah, but this will change the complete podcast download. If a student downloads the podcast in this moment, he also has only the single video stream. When you can delete single streams in this window then i think it will be easy to add a download button for each stream.

    I also have sessions with 1 primary and up to 4 secondary streams. You cannot select, which secondary stream panopto shall use in the podcast version.

  • If you download the single stream using the Streams section, I think (believe) you will download the video stream without audio. Only the primary stream has audio. Is that what you want?

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