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Violation of FERPA risk

Panopto should limit the use of the share access "Public" or "Anyone in organization" to only administrators.

If a student or teacher uses "Public" or "Anyone in organization" for class sessions, they will be in violation of FERPA regulations. FERPA regulations stipulate that only the students in the class can access the materials, students not in class should not!

We can't expose the university to this! Please limit these rights to only admins. In reality, even the "Anyone at the organization with the link" would be a FERPA security risk. Teacher education is a most to use this. However, we should limit the use of the other two settings.

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  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    Hi Carlos - We change the default to disable the 'Public' option on newly created sites several years ago. Site administrators can adjust the below settings to fit the needs of their organization. Thanks. -Dave

  • Our faculty does not want the students to be able to share content with other users, period. By FERPA, all class records should be available only to the students in the class, not other users. Also, the definitively do not want to see videos that do not belong to their classes in the Everything else link in the Panopto web interface. We are setting the top three to Admin-only. The last one is being discussed.

  • Would a default setting for assignment folders and ability at the folder level to specify the share scope solve this issue?

  • PRobably, but also, at the folder level, we should have a way to setup a retention policy -- not one by one, but many at the same time.

  • At my institution, we have the site-wide setting "public"="false". We use Canvas. Panopto folders inherit the permissions from Canvas courses. So only enrolled faculty (creators) and students (viewers) have access to the videos. Video Assignment folders are protected too. They are only viewed by student submitting and faculty for the course.

    By the way, sharing videos using "email" is not secure. This is when FERPA may be compromised.

    We're a health sciences institution in addition to FERPA, certain content is protected under contract.

    Because of FERPA and protected content, we've disabled the RSS feed. This prevents "downloading" videos. The drawback is that students aren't able to access videos podcasts "offline".

  • Elba, we do the same at our institution. It will also be good to add a retention policy to folders at folder creation (via D2L/Panopto integration) so all content gets deleted on a certain date.

  • @Carlos Coronel we are exploring the Course Copy v2 that they're working on for Canvas for this purpose. Excluding Zoom recordings from copying would be super helpful for all of these FERPA/privacy related issues you've mentioned.

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