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When pausing during a recording, have it pause both the audio and video portions

When pausing while recording a video, the video continues to record (while audio is being paused). Afterwards, you will need to delete the excess video that was recorded while the audio is paused. We are wanting the audio and video to both be paused.

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  • Stacy CohenStacy Cohen Crackerjack

    @Pauline Cooper, are you referring to the pause feature in the standard downloaded recorder? In my experience, this button does pause both audio and video, but that footage and audio is still captured. The pause button hides the paused section from playback. That footage can be recovered if the instructor accidentally forgot to resume recording, which has happened and it has been great to still have access to this recorded footage. I have not experienced any disconnect in the pausing, so I might check with support about this issue. I hope that this helps!

  • Pause Button That Pauses the Recording Instead of Recording an Edited-Out Section in the Background

    Gordon Palmer Tyro February 19

    Our clients are encouraged to avoid using the pause button because of the fact that it continues to record and creates an edited out section that can later be reverted, instead of actually pausing the recording. We have to instruct everyone regarding this, because someone unaware of this feature who logically thinks that hitting the pause button means the recording has paused, is at risk of recording private conversations or content they don't recorded.

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    Under consideration · Last Updated March 26

    @Stacy Cohen it looks like this was captured in a request back in February - I did not capture the request as detailed, but this post is what we are needing too. It looks to be under consideration, so that is awesome.

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