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Giving caption "fixing" rights to another user

Right now, only the owner can use Panopto's native captioning tools to "fix" captions that didn't come out right. We'd love the ability to delegate this capability to someone else. We have many deaf/hard of hearing students that would benefit, as it's much faster to use the native editing tool

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    We have been working to set up some permissions to fit such a need. The custom roles function that is still in beta is looking to be a great addition from what I can see. Assuming that these custom roles can be assigned from the LMS, it will really simplify our current workflow.

    As far as what is available now, anyone with "Creator" access to the folder/media should be able to open the Panopto editor and update the captions.

    If you need to give rolling access across a group of folders, the "Departments" feature can work well for this. Otherwise, setting the individual that will be editing as a creator in the folder in question should do what you need. (https://support.panopto.com/s/article/ASR-Generated-Captions)

    Hopefully this helps, but let me know if I missed the mark.


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    @Michael Espey I'm not sure I completely understand. We are not using Departments (will have to look that one up).

    Yes, what is available now and we see is the Creator can edit captions. It seems also that if we create a subfolder (under MyFolder, which everyone has), then we can add other Creators. But cannot add a Creator to a file at the MyFolder level. Can I change that? Add creators to MyFolder?

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    You aren't able to add other individuals to your My Folder, but that is by design. How we market the My Folder on our campus is as a "holding area" of sorts. You might record there, edit the session, then drop it in the course folder.

    When we have a need for multiple people to work on sessions we set them up with a folder within their department that they can use as a holding area. If it is for a course, specifically, we usually set up a sub-folder within the course folder that students don't have access to (remove their group from the access list) so the instructors (Teachers, TAs, Instructional Designers, etc.) can access all of the materials. It works quite well.

    Once the custom roles are released, it seems like you will be able to give individuals "creator-ish" access to an individual session, but I haven't done much testing with that yet.

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    Thanks. Your process makes sense to me. I'll pass it along to our training folks and keep it in mind as we get this all going. Fall term, here we come!

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