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Ability to place one video in multiple folders W/O duplicating

This feature would allow the folders to act more like categories and allow a video to be categorized into multiple folders without having to duplicate the video.

We have a lot of videos that may need to be accessible by multiple departments and videos that would fit into multiple categories but the content within the video will remain the same. This will allow us to edit and maintain one instance of a video and allow it to be categorized and accessible by multiple department/teams.

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  • This could potentially be done by using playlists and departments as it exists now, but it isn't great. We are doing some poking at that sort of a thing now. Custom roles are going to be a huge win for this sort of thing as you will be able to create a "Copy Only" role where a user can view and make a copy of a session, but that would lock it in its current state.

    I would rather this feature be implemented by allowing a session to composed of only a single clip of another session, I think this would tackle exactly what you need. It would also allow some additional workflows for more robust clipping inside of Panopto.

  • Hmm, those are some neat ideas! I like the idea of the "Copy Only" but my question would be: does that "copy" update if the original is edited?

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