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Reflow Captions

We have had some questions come up in editing videos with captions in Panopto (ASR and Professional), and it would be amazing if we had a good solution for them outside of telling them to redo their captions.

This is more of a problem for ASR than for pro captions, but it can come up for both. Essentially the problem is that if a session is edited, the ASR captions will not flow around the edits. My feature request would be to dynamically align these cuts with the captions to ensure that content that is on screen is accurately captioned.

An alternative would be to improve the workflow for manually reflowing captions. If lines that are cut were highlighted in the "Captions" menu, the user could easily identify that and manually reflow the lines to ensure that what needs to be shown is shown. As it exists now, it just leaves the user confused.

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    We are finding this too, it is really time consuming if you edit a recording.

    I also agree that, when in edit mode, it wold be really useful if there could be an indicator in the captions column that followed what was being displayed on the screen.

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    I just came across this issue as well. While editing, the captions appear normally. This is deceiving. It would be helpful to at least have the captions marked in some way that you know you'll need to edit the start time for the caption.

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