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Allow Making changes to a schedule and allow it to be applied to an entire repeated event/class

The scheduler allows making changes easily to a single scheduled recording, however there is no way to apply these changes to reoccurring scheduled class. The way we were told to handle this was to delete all the scheduled classes within the series, then reschedule it with the necessary changes. While this works, it is a very time consuming process and leaves room for mistakes.

Some of the common changes that are required for our operation are as follows;

  • Scheduled class start/end time changes
  • Scheduled class occurs (days) change
  • Scheduled class folder changes
  • Scheduled class moves to a new room/remote recorder

These are some of the schedule changes that are very common and hope that changes can be made to the scheduler to allow us to more easily edit the schedules and gave the ability to apply the change to the entire series.

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  • The batch scheduler must also be improved pronto. Currently, if you have a file with thousands of classes to schedule, the programs times out. The sonly solution Panopto gives is to break the file in smaller files????

    Panopto has to work in creating a solid admin interface that will allow easy batch uploads (1,000s of evetns), batch edits and batch deletes.

  • Couldn't agree more with all these points! As much as I disliked Echo360, they handled scheduling recurring events better.

    I would love to be able to add a webcast to all instances of a recurring event. The unofficial scheduling tool doesn't allow you to check the webcast box, either. :-/

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