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Audio stream editing - mute the audio without impacting the primary video

Adam BrimerAdam Brimer Whiz Kid
edited August 2023 in Feature Requests

I'd like to be able to edit ONLY the audio stream in a presentation without cutting everything. Would be good if you could break out the audio stream and take out "uhms" and "ahs" or otherwise if needed.

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    In the Panopto Editor, ability to easily remove or edit sections of audio from video.

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    The ability to re-record a voiceover or part of a voiceover would be AMAZING!

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    Hi Adam... I've done this several times in the editor. If you zoom into the timeline, it's easy to see and crop out the "uhms" and "ahs." With "Preview cuts in playback" enabled, you can instantly preview the cuts you make. Keep in mind, cutting audio with the video in play is necessary. If the audio is edited in isolation from the video, both elements will eventually not sync up. Good luck!

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    @Ben Armstrong - thanks for the tip. I was hoping to cut only the audio without affecting the primary video stream, too. Since both are paired together in the P1 stream, you have to cut both together. Would be nice if they were separate streams. yes - I realize if you slip one separate from the other that it'll get out of sync, but you can't really slip the video streams in the timeline - you have to do that in the Streams or Cuts tab.

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    I like the simplicity of the Panopto editor. No bells and whistles. Just trim!

    Yes. It would be great to allow sound editing -- isolate primary source video and audio track for options to trim video/audio or audio only. Everything stays in sync this way.

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    So... Much... This...

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    @Adam Brimer I've made at least 1 feature request for having audio separate from primary stream. Could be a game changer. I'd love to be able to record a primary and secondary streams and at times only have secondary showing. This could make it easier to add additional primary streams as well as you could potentially keep the same audio from the first primary stream.

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    It would also be good to be able to adjust in the timeline - I have several PC Panopto remote recorders where faculty are complaining about the sync. It would be nice to delay the audio by half a second to fix that.

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    I could really use this today. Or the ability to replace the audio stream - I had a recorder with no audio, but was able to take the audio from the Zoom call and synch it - I can upload the audio stream, but I can't get it to play, since the audio track attached to the primary video is superseding it. So now I have to download the track from the recorder, sync it in Adobe, export it, upload it as the primary track and replace the existing video.

    Very laborious, and so unnecessary.....

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    The ability to record a video (a process video or how-to video) with the ability to record an audio track or two (replacing the original) after the fact would be amazing. I work in the utilities industry and I can easily imagine recording a field worker demonstrating how to replace an electric meter. Recording a voiceover track afterward plus perhaps a soundtrack would be most useful!

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    edited September 2023

    Yes, editing the audio separately from the video is an extremely common need. When you're typing code or clicking around in a software, it's difficult to narrate it clearly and succinctly at the same time as you're typing or making decisions about what to click.

    ALSO, editing the video separately from the audio is a common need. You finally get that perfect take, then you realize there's a typo on a slide you are displaying in the video. DOH.

    BTW, I sometimes resort to my moldy old installation of Camtasia Studio for these basic needs, since Panopto does not offer them. Camtasia Studio is great if you can afford this expensive software.

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