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Dowloading RAW video file; Setting to allow for Admins only or include Creators

edited February 13 in Feature Requests

As an admin of my platform, i wanted to do an edit on an uploaded video that has sound only one the right channel (i made a request about being able to edit directly in panopto also).

When i download a video from panopto, the quality is really poor (960x540) so i cannot download, edit then reupload on panopto. I think this can be an issue especially when we have to do that on a video that is not on a local disk (or maybe lost)

So maybe let us download the raw video file in order to do proper changes without (more or less) losing quality.

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    If an Creator uploads a 4k video file, it is reprocessed down to 1080p for an optimised web view. As Panopto does retain a copy of the original file, if they were ever to lose their original file locally it would be great if they could download the file they originally submitted so that they could do any editing locally and then upload their file again.

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    I put in a FR for this back in 2018. Edits are needed, for some videos, beyond what the native editor can provide.

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