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Equation editor in quizzes


I use the quiz feature in my Panopto recordings. It would be great if I could add equations and mathematical notation in my quizzes. It appears Google Forms are being used for quizzes and there are already existing add-ons that allow to insert equations in such forms, so it might be possible to integrate with Panopto. Bonus: if I could type in my equations using LaTeX, that would be wonderful!



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    Agreed. This is especially useful for engineering, math, and other technical subjects.

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    LaTeX would be great. Any kind of markup would be better than none. I'm in physics and we can't even use units like meters-squared in the quizzes without resorting to funky looking ascii like m^2.

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    I agree with Jason Detwiler. It is important to have LaTex. We are not able to write equations clearly using Panopto quiz. We are not able to add images or pictures to the quiz. Also sync the grad of Panopto quizzes on canvas is not available as far as I know. Please improve these features.

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    I have had several faculty requesting this feature and the ability to add pictures to the quizzes. Please add this feature in your next release cycle.

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    One of my instructors would also like her students to "answer numerically", I suspect she is also referring to using mathematical notation.

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    I agree - adding equations in LaTex and / or MathJax notation would be really useful for our Maths based disciplines

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    I've had this request from faculty - otherwise the quiz feature is useless to them.

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    This is a very important feature for us as well. Can you give us an update on if this is still under consideration?

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