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Hide Folder Hierarchy for Folders You Can't Access

Please hide the folder hierarchy for users where they can't access the content. Search works great, but the listing is awful as is. Think of doing something like "Shared With Me" in Google Drive. Just show that folder you first have access to in the tree.

Additionally, the hide folder names option in the admin settings is useless. It might be intended to hide sensitive or irrelevant information but it's confusing to users.

CC: @Luchin Lee

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    Please! I suggested this - I have to go many levels deep (like 7 or 8 in a folder hierarchy) to move videos into a Canvas folder. Or create a way to indicate folders I will use and have them at the top of the hierarchy.

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    My faculty have started moving the Panopto course folders generated by Blackboard into their My Folder so they can find them more easily.

    We tried moving the course folders under a top-level "semester" folder, but that meant people had to know to open the greyed out folder to find their own folder.

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    Can I move my own course folder? (We use Canvas.) Worried about breaking everything.

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    @Brendan Nyhan yes, shocking as that sounds, it seems to work. Keep in mind that we have all Blackboard course folders populate in the root folder. I believe there's a setting in Identity Providers where you choose the directory a course folder will save into, so that might effect things.

    The link doesn't change when you move folders around and the viewer and creator groups stay with the folder, it might be worth testing with a Canvas course to see what happens. :-)

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