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Is it possible to update slides (ppt files) rather than re-importing?

Hi, I am testing out the function of using slides form a ppt doc within my videos and it all works fine... until I need to update the slides which can be a common occurrence. I noticed that Panopto stores the ppt file somewhere and 'rasterises' the slide content. Can i just reload the ppt doc and it would update my slides without having to re-import and put the slides back in?

Also, for future - can we have the ability to show the student the actual ppt doc slides rather than transcoding/compressing them? I noticed the compression can be quite noticeable.

Thanks in advance!!

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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
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    What I typically recommend is to record the section that needs to be replaced into a new session then include that as a clip after editing out the old content. It works quite well in my experience and it allows you to match the audio directly to the slide in one step.

    It is possible (in theory) to replace just a single slide, but then you would end up with two slide decks available.

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