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Video active flag?

I'm trying to understand how the API might be able to differentiate between active / non-active (or archived) video

Q: Will the availability settings influence the array returned on the REST API? 

Additional Q: I don't see in SOAP API any additional details that HBS could use for feed building. Is there a parameter that might work?


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    Mark BrewsalaMark Brewsala Panopto Employee

    Hello Janelle,

    It sounds like you're wondering about availability settings and possibly also the recycle bin, but I have some additional questions.

    For your first question, can you please clarify which API you're wondering about? Depending on that, availability settings could affect the result (for example, it could exclude videos on which you don't have creator rights and which are unavailable for viewing).

    For your additional question, can you describe what kind of feed you're trying to build? Is this a feed of currently available videos, or newly created or shared videos, or something else?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hey Mark

    We are planning to build feed which will pull all video details from folders IDs that are public for the web for different departments. This is for use of embedding them on our HBS public websites.

    One attribute of our old feed was some sort of marking of active versus archived video.

    From my review of the REST API responses i don't see anything. But my question is -- if you set availability to end for viewers would that stop them from being listed in the API array of videos?

    If no, does this work for SOAP API differently?

    Additional Q: "exclude videos on which you don't have creator rights and which are unavailable for viewing" -- If our feed services account is an administrator for authenticating the API would that still work?

    We have a workaround to remove videos from the folder if they are "not active" as well which is viable.

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    I am curious if you could just use the RSS feed to build out the list. We had a department that wanted to do something similar, and we ended up using the RSS feed to get the session ID (to build the iFrame) and the session name/description all done passively (no API). It worked quite well.

    You can also get the RSS feed with just the folder ID. In the above case there is just a variable that is fed by user input that is (sanitized then) used to build the RSS feed URL for the HTTP request.

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