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Multiple Primary Streams which allow audio overlap

Hi all,

We have a use case issue currently which revolves around events which are recorded that have two video feeds which must be recorded and a shared screen.

We use Zoom for our events and have only Active Speaker and Shared screen recorded. This is fine.

I expect I will have to record my screen showing the signer in the event (Pinned) and the add this as a stream to Panopto. However, herein lies the problem.

A viewer needs to be able to choose whether to view the Activer Speaker or the Signer but still hear the Active Speaker and see their Shared Screen.

  • I cannot upload a second Primary video without using Focus which removes the Speaker Audio.
  • I cannot add the Signer as a secondary stream because this stops the shared screen from being viewed at the same time
  • I tried using the 'Tile all Streams as a Podcast' but the Shared Screen is so small.

Any suggestions are gratefully received!




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    This is a great use case that I'm also interested in hearing more from others about. Based on what you're describing I think all of that is consistent with what I've seen as well. It's a really great accessibility use case.

    Could you add captions in lieu of having the signer in the final recording? I understand that users with hearing differences might have preferences for that content but that could be one work around for the final version that ends up in Panopto.

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    In this case, as the platform currently exists, it is probably easier to add the second primary stream, then switch between the speaker and the singer using the Panotpo editor. You can use something like Adobe Premiere or even Panopto itself (using another session with just audio as the primary and the singer as the secondary, set the podcast feed to be secondary only, download the podcast, then add the downloaded video to your main session) to combine the singer video and the audio. That way when you switch primary streams the audio is consistent. You could also have the two "primary" streams tiled side by side/top to bottom, but this would take some work offline.

    I think being able to switch primary streams as the viewer would be a welcome addition, but it would also add a ton of complexity and a lot of room for error from a content production side as well as from the viewer side. Would both audio streams have their own caption track? Multiple languages? A combined caption track, and if so, how does that layering happen?

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    Oh that PIP/side-by-side from the Podcast is a great idea @Michael Espey. I should've thought of that in this case.

    I guess the one issue is how does it get recorded so that they have a permanent stream of the signer and not just an active speaker. I guess the gallery view could be captured. Is this going to use the Zoom Webinar feature? I don't have a lot of experience with that but I would imagine there would be a way to capture "panelists".

    These two resources are really good overviews on how to add them in and the RIT one talks about how to make sure they're in the recording. I think the use case they describe there would in theory, work within Panopto's Zoom integration.


    I also wonder if while you're thinking about planning it, if there is a way to use a tool like Open Broadcast Studio or similar to accomplish some of this as you record. I guess that would be similar to the webinar idea though.

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