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Add Feature Parity Across Identity Provider Options (e.g. SAML and Canvas)

Adam NemeroffAdam Nemeroff Crackerjack
edited January 2021 in Feature Requests

We've been running into an issue with our email fields as they're passed from Canvas - Panopto AND SAML - Panopto. I've learned in conversation with Panopto Support that there is currently a way to map attributes for SAML providers (pictured), but not for the Canvas identity provider.

This is the example from our SAML settings. We want to use the uid in Canvas as well but are stuck with the alias version of our emails.

Additionally, we want to enable notifications for when sessions are finished processing (pictured). We have this in SAML but it won't work if people come in from Canvas because that same feature doesn't exist for that identity provider. This is a huge issue because this setting is important for Zoom recordings and other things for Panopto users outside of the email workflow for people without accounts.

This is an example from our SAML settings. We have this enabled there but it doesn't carry over because it's absence from the Canvas options.

Dear Devs at Panopto, please consider developing additional parity here between these two identity providers to help in this situation.

If you need more info, check with Tyler Bassett and @Luchin Lee.

I'm also curious if other Canvas users run into similar attribute mapping issues. Feel free to comment in the thread.

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    We have that email option as the default "opt-in" config, so this isn't an issue for us. Personally, I would rather see a new notification established to notify users of new Zoom meeting recordings (and a new notification when pro captions are done...a feature request for another day). I've found that the email-when-ready setting is just far too verbose for almost all users.

    We have both IDPs provide email as the local alias, but it would be a problem if there isn't a configuration option to have parity for a single user when logging into one IDP vs. another. Sometimes this is the intent, but in our case, that would be a big problem if we were turning on the setting.

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    We really wanted Panopto to send a notification when Zoom meetings were done being imported but it's just not possible yet.

    What we settled on doing is changing the email Zoom sends when they are done processing the video. It doesn't link directly to the video in Panopto, but it lets people know Zoom has processed the recording and it will be available in Panopto soon. It also links to one of our ServiceNow knowledge base articles about the process.

    Sample email below:


    Hi Charles Barbour,

    Your Zoom cloud recording has finished processing at Zoom and will soon be available in your Panopto account. You can access your recording by logging into panopto.nd.edu with your Notre Dame netID and password, clicking on My Folder and opening your Meeting Recordings sub-folder.

    For more information regarding the Zoom and Panopto integration, please see the knowledge article Accessing, Sharing, and Customizing Your Zoom Recordings in Panopto.

    Topic: Charles Barbour's Personal Meeting Room

    Date: Sep 11, 2020 04:24 PM Indiana (East)

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    @Charles Barbour We are doing the same thing. Also, we use that email as an opportunity to pass guides. If we could do exactly what Zoom does (notify the user when new videos are ready, but not when edits finish processing), but in Panopto, it would be perfect.

    Here is what we send (UICapture is Panopto and ICON is Canvas):

    Hi Michael Espey (he/him),

    Your cloud recording is being moved to UICapture.

    Topic: UICapture Admins

    Date: Jan 11, 2021 09:42 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

    You will soon find your recording in UICapture under My Folder in a folder named Meeting Recordings.

    How to edit your video.

    How to share outside of ICON.

    How to share your recording in ICON.

    Thank you for choosing Zoom + UICapture.

    - Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

    IMHO, we should be able to edit and configure all of these notifications in Panopto...maybe someday.

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    Thank you all. This is incredibly helpful. Please feel free to vote up!

    I love the idea of changing the Zoom email contents.

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    <snark> The technology to customize email templates does not yet exists and won't for several decades. </snark>

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