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Import Zoom cloud recording retroactively

If a past Zoom meeting was cloud recorded but not automatically imported into Panopto, it is a very arduous process to download and re-upload these meetings, in addition to losing out on features such as multi-stream.

We need an option to retroactively pull in those meetings. Perhaps in the user settings, there could be a button next to each mapping that imports any recordings existing in the Zoom cloud created using that meeting ID.

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    Jonathan ChampJonathan Champ Whiz Kid
    edited January 2021

    What if users had the power to control this so that recordings created prior to activating the integration could be imported into the right folders by the people themselves? https://community.panopto.com/discussion/1041/create-a-user-managed-zoom-integration-allow-opt-in/

    (a little self-promotion, but I think it's related)

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    Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    @Chris Smith @Jonathan Champ For importing older Zoom meetings, that is a professional service that we offer. You can reach out to your Customer Success Advocate for more information. Thanks. -Dave

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    @Jonathan Champ thank you - I think you bring some good points. The use case you highlighted is not so much a problem for us at the moment, because our integration is set up to only pull in Zoom recordings created using the Canvas Zoom LTI (as opposed to all Zoom meetings). Faculty can use the mapping feature to create more automation as needed, although old recordings can not be pulled in. Faculty can set up an approval step in their course folder for extra security.

    @Dave Hannan I am aware about the professional service, however, I feel this is a *very* common occurrence for our faculty and staff and requiring professional services every time is a non-starter. I'm interested to hear from your perspective - would you say this is a common request to your support team? If so, augmenting the mapping feature to allow a user to pull in old recordings feels like a no brainer given the scripts already exist. :)

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