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Panopto V2 Upload Code Example?

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a programmer at all and I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

Does any working python v2 sample code exist to upload a video to Panopto? The only code I can find is for python v3.

I’m trying to migrate some Zoom content to Panopto from before we enabled the integration so I’m trying to write an app to upload them. We were able to download all the Zoom content using the code from Tribloom.

But apparently there’s no way to do a lot of stuff (like creating a folder???) using the REST based API.

Am I going to be forced to do some actions like creating folders with the SOAP api and the actual upload with the REST API?


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    I completely agree that the REST API needs some TLC. Ideally, there would be something akin to what is available in Canvas where most functions that a user can perform in the UI are available as an endpoint in the public REST API.

    Is there a codebase that you are a trying to extend that is working in Py2, or is there a reason why you are targeting Py2?

    As far as your question on what you would need to use to make a folder, you would indeed need to use the SOAP API to make the folder. There are a few reasons we haven't started working too much with the Panopto API, but the lack of a feature-rich REST API is the largest one. I would say the second place one is that we cannot currently scope a user down to a more appropriate role. If we want someone to be able to pull analytics via the API for everything on the site, they also need to be able to delete everything on the site...that isn't an option. Custom roles is on the way hopefully sooner than later, but we will have to wait and see if that will meet the needs.

    I guess if you don't want to do the soap API route, you could try to spin something up in Python that builds out a session as an offline session then use the desktop recorder to upload it. I am not sure if there are any Panopto folks that would recommend against that, but it seems like it should be possible and might actually work well. Once I get a bit of free time after we get through the start of the semester I might dig into this a bit.

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    I'm just trying to create folders, upload content, and then move/sort/rename content. I can't make folders using the REST API and unfortunately I don't know how to upload using the SOAP API.

    I can only get the SOAP API to work in Python2.

    I was able to work around it by splitting the app into a couple parts. One piece moves and rename files and folders on my local machine and puts them in a watch folder.

    Then the Panopto Watch Folder service uploads them all to Panopto.

    Then another script creates folders for the users, moves them into the correct folders, sets permissions, and renames them.

    Of course I can't figure out how to deal with unicode file names so that's a pain but I've at least come up with something that's working in testing.

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