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Ability to turn OFF subscriptions at the folder level

Some instructors will love the subscription option, but many prefer to release their videos only on our LMS and don't want students jumping ahead. Can we get the ability to turn off subscriptions if needed?

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    This is a great thought, and I agree that an opt out option needs to be available in some capacity, but I actually don't know that this is something that would be needed in the form of a checkbox specifically for subscribing to folders.

    If they are embedding with the LTI and they've opted to remove the "Open in Panopto" button in the player, the student would only see the video, and they would never even really know that the folder existed (unless they go exploring). To prevent the "adventurous" student (or in the case they want to have the full player available) the instructor could remove the student "::Viewer" group from the folder and they would only be given access to the individual videos directly, with that, they wouldn't be able to see the folder. If they cannot see the folder, they cannot subscribe to it.

    If they subscribe to the instructor, they would only see videos in subscriptions they have already viewed in the LMS in context. The same goes for a tag.

    It sounds like in the above case, the instructor doesn't want students to use/see the folder, so this is probably ideal anyway. I think it would be better to manage what is available (subscriptions included) by properly setting entitlements instead of relying on students not exploring the platforms that are used.

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    The 'Subscribe' option makes complete sense if you operate in the Panopto site.

    But what if you're trying to use your LMS to control the release of content to students? The 'Subscribe' button has the potential to cause a lot of headaches and problems for us as it will circumvent the very reason for having Panopto integrated in our LMS.

    Trying to 'work around' the problem by setting release dates for folders and/or videos would create more problems.

    Please make it possible to disable the 'Subscribe' button in any or all of the following (in order of preference):

    • All integrated LMS folder (served via the LTI
    • All folders
    • Any individual folder.

    It makes no sense at all to force this option on all folders - including everybody's 'My Folder'!

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