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"Recently watched" videos which link to where a video was last watched

edited January 2021 in Feature Requests

We've had a number of requests from students who would like to be able to continue watching videos from the last point they viewed. A dashboard showing either "previously watched" or recently viewed would be useful so it is easily accessible from the home page.

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    Videos should track this by default. There is a setting that has been on by default for a few years now: Resume viewer playback from last position

    There were some other settings previously that you could use to set how far into the video this was applied, so if a viewer got to 95% of the video complete, it will count that as completion and restart from the beginning. I'm not seeing that setting in my account at the moment, could be a hidden setting now.

    As for the dashboard, I believe something of that nature is on the roadmap. I agree that would be useful.

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    Our users have requested a similar "continue watching" list of sessions feature. They have pointed out it's already available on the app. We just need it being available for web users too.

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