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Automatic Survey/Quiz Insertion at the end of Videos

One of our students created a proposal that is generating support in our school, especially during an all remote semester for schools. We'd like our students to provide feedback for the instructor at the end of each Panopto video:

The idea is to have this in Panopto quiz form, with the above levels and criteria in multiple choice questions and a written response question fo the comments. However, there currently isn't a way to apply a quiz template to an entire folder so that it cascades into each video inside it at a particular time (perhaps before each video ends).

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    I second this request on behalf of Humber College. Post-video surveying would be a very effective means at providing professors and institutions with feedback direct from students.

    The functionality, in our case, would ideally be configured by the institution. Ideally there would be options to require the survey on all videos, and for the administrators to determine the questions. I could imagine use cases where faculty may want to ask specific questions, but from an institutional perspective, the questions would need to be rather static in order to conduct any meaningful reporting.

    This not only supports instructors by giving them specific feedback, it supports 'content creators' who are creating content for the institution as well.

    +100 for this request.

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