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Schedule a Recording to make only Webcast Available to Viewers

I've had this request/ work around come my way from a number of instructors which boils down to:

  • They are using a remote recorder for auto recording and webcasting of a class from a classroom
  • They want only the webcast to be available immediately to the students while it's live via their LMS integration.
  • They want the recordings of these sessions to remain unavailable to the viewers so they can control when they share live class video.

There is no easy setting for this- we have a few work arounds in place attempting to achieve it, but its very setting set-up heavy and limiting for a user to do on their own.

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    What we set up for this need is the Approval Workflow. It works great when a webcast needs to happen, but the vod needs to be edited before being released.

    When you create the webcast that will ask for approval, you approve it for the live webcast and that works normally. When you upload the VOD (after it finishes) that is marked as a change and it needs to be approved again. There wouldn't be a way to schedule this, but I actually think the approval workflow is going to be less work in the end vs. setting up a date to release the live webcast on, and another date for the vod to be released.

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