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Warning for copyrighted fonts in PowerPoint

It seems that Panopto won't display your PowerPoint slides if it detects that you have used a copyrighted font (one that isn't in the public domain). This happened to me recently and it took my colleagues in tech support some time to find the problem.

Since Panopto can apparently detect this problem, it would be nice if it gave users a nice, friendly warning message, instead of just blocking their slides. Thanks.

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    Wow. That's surprising.

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    Any idea if it's doing this as part of the post-processing? Or is it detecting it live? I'd be shocked if they could detect this live unless they're using a special connection to PPT.

    It seems like this would fall under a "I have a license for this font so I can use it" similar to audio licensing.

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    I'm afraid I don't know more than I posted, but my university's tech support team tell me Panopto are aware of the problem and are (apparently) working on a fix.

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