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Table of Contents - Stop using non-headers as the TOC Title

Some of our faculty members like to get a little click-y and often go back and forth between previous and current slides throughout their session. When this happens, Panopto often pulls text from elsewhere on the slide to make a different Title for the Table of Contents entry. I hate this. It often pulls some random text that has no business being a TOC title (the slide number, "source" references, "Rectangle 1", etc). I would like the ability to turn OFF this feature so it ONLY uses the header of the slide (most often the largest text) as the TOC title, regardless of how many times that title is displayed in the slidedeck. I spend way too much time re-titling my Table of Contents titles.

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    @Jeff Jarvis , Perhaps Panopto can fix this, and add index the heading consistently with the slide header.

    1) I agree, "add a title" in the contents, for slides without headers, does not look good. The video look unprofessional, and give the sense that the faculty did not record the video properly, or something is missing.

    2) I experienced a huge glitch that I haven't had time to document in a ticket. The faculty did exactly what you said, went back to a previous slide. The resulting behavior was inconsistent in the embed player in Canvas, and the Panopto Viewer.

    Embed Player - at the point the slide goes to a previous slide, the video video returns to the FIRST slide. Then, you hear the voice progressing, but the slide stays stuck in the FIRST SLIDE.

    Panopto Viewer - The video plays correctly.

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    as an alternative (since a lack of "up votes" leads me to believe that I'm one of the few that this actually bothers), maybe a CHECKBOX that states "Allow Duplicate Content Text" and it would then just pull the header text regardless if its been used before. Having to go through and fix all of these Content names is VERY time consuming.😥

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