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Add title slides (or conclusion slides) in editor

Would love a feature that can add title slides at the beginning of the video-I've taken a video of a title slide and combined the session with the video I want it with, but that seems a little silly if I want the title slide included in all videos. Perhaps I'm missing a way to do this, but I didn't see a way to do this with the inserting ppt option. Some of my colleagues are opting to take their video out of Panopto to do this in a different video editor then upload for storing it-so would be great to have an option for this in the editor in Panopto. I know...having a platform that does it all is a bit idealistic, but I really like Panopto and want the ability to use it more!

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    Sounds like you may be doing this already, but what I do is record my title/ending slides as Capture Main Screen, not Capture PPT. I make sure my mic is muted so no audio is picked up, I edit the video down to say 5 seconds and then add them using Add a Clip to my main sessions.

    I keep the opening and closing bumper slides either in a subfolder in my folder, subfolder of the course folder with only Creator access on it, or subfolder of the instructor's personal folder so they're easily found when needed.

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    Thanks for the tip! Yes, similar to what I'm doing, but I haven't used the Add a Clip option...I will try that! Thank you!

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