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Zoom Integration - Pair on "cms_user_id" SAML attribute or something of that sort

What we have now is working alright, but there are a few situations where pairing on email just doesn't work. Email is an attribute that is not explicitly unique to an account, but it is generally unique to an individual/department. If the user only has one account at the institution it works fine, but if they have multiple (which we have thousands of accounts in that state) and the email is passed with more than one the recordings from Zoom could go to the wrong account.

This isn't a huge priority, but it does cause some problems here and there so having something more reliable than just email on the table would be a welcome change.

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    At our institution we're dealing with something similar. The question of confidentiality has come up. We have staff who have Canvas accounts, and who are assigned as faculty of record. We don't staff members' Zoom recordings to automatically upload in Panopto. But there are exceptions. Creating an inclusion group via SAML will not be perfect.

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