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Powerpoint Not Showing Panopto for Windows 9

Josha ChandeJosha Chande Panopto Employee

What is the impact of the issue?

We have discovered an issue affecting the ability to upload and process Powerpoint slides in Panopto for Windows 9

This issue occurs in both of the following scenarios:

1. The Powerpoint has not been saved prior to the recording starting

2. The Powerpoint is in a location that can't be accessed from the recorder (i.e network drive, One Drive, Google File Stream etc)

This problem can be identified by the following symptoms:

Once the recording has completed, uploaded and processed no slides are shown in the Panopto Viewer

How do I work around the issue?

The following steps will resolve the issue:

Prior to starting the recording copy the file to the Desktop of the PC

Ensure the Powerpoint has been saved and no aditional edits made prior to recording

Complete a test recording and confirm that it plays correctly in Panopto.

When will this issue be resolved?

We are investigating the root cause at the highest priority and will make updates to this post as they become available.


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