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manage session fields via manifext.xml on upload.

Hi, I asked this before but it disappeared after I edited it....

Mass migration from another video provider to your service. I am using the API to upload video files. I would like to know how to alter the manifest to use the original files creator and created date for the session owner, videographer and creation date.

elt = etree.Element('Owner')
elt.text = '[email protected]'

elt = etree.Element('Videographer')
elt.text = '[email protected]'

elt = etree.Element('Date')
# elt.text = datetime.now().strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.000-00:00')
elt.text = '2016-03-23T19:58:25+00:00'

This doesn't work to update the session metadata. Session upload works fine btw and other metadata is being updated correctly.


  • Date works fine now - just need the owner and videographer info updated.

  • I just created a new user named after the migration service and use that to authenticate since it appears that the manifest doesn't accept custom fields. The date is still working and the meta data can be updated to match the original data and everyone will know where these videos came from ;)

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