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Anonymous discussion option?

Would it be possible to have the option to allow for anonymous video discussion posts? Enabling this option may help students feel more comfortable asking questions.

Thank you!


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    A big +1 on this. You could use something like an embedded Qualtrics survey or something like that to collect questions. It doesn't help the individual as quickly, but the instructor could publish the questions after they've come in. That way other students can see them and weigh in as well as see the instructor's response.

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    We host a lot of public facing live events on Panopto and would really like to have the option to allow comments. I know it's a can of worms, but with the new moderation feature, it would be really helpful for us to have the ability to allow public discussion on events.

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    I'll add to this - the language on the attached is confusing. If you say you're enabling public comments, then public comments need to be available. Requiring that users be credentialed in order to comment isn't public in my book.

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    I cannot agree with Adam more here, public means public, we want our webcast viewers to be able to post questions without having to login, which they can't...... even though they are, well, the public?

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    I was somehow under the assumption that "public comments" allowed non logged-in users to post. We really need this feature during our public-facing livestreams.

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    Yes please! This was a huge chock for us that its not possible. We didn't even thought it was something that would not be possible during a public livestream (webcast). Really makes things complicated for us....

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