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Canvas SSO stopped working for a subset of customers

Justin LubbertJustin Lubbert Administrator
edited March 2021 in Bug Reports


Customers who were previously using a legacy developer key in Canvas have all had SSO to Panopto stop working from their Canvas site. The LTI portion of the integration will remain unaffected.

Panopto Support is reaching out to our customers who may be affected by this and in parallel are working with Canvas to resolve the issue. We have confirmed creating a new developer key for your integration will resolve the issue.


Steps for doing so can be found in this document or by watching this video.

Please follow steps 2.2 and 2.3 to set up the Developer Keys. Please ensure that once you save this key that you turn it on.

On your Panopto site, go to Settings > Identity Providers, and click edit under your Canvas integration.

Copy the Developer ID and paste it into the Client ID section in Panopto.

Then on Canvas, click Show Key, copy the key value, and paste it into the Client secret section in Panopto.

After this is done, try signing into Panopto with Canvas to ensure this resolves the issue.


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    Justin LubbertJustin Lubbert Administrator

    Canvas SSO stopped working between the time when Canvas system was updated on 2021-03-03 and 2021-03-04 17:20 UTC.

    A Canvas update on 2021-03-03 included a breaking change to improve the system's security. The existing developer key which is used for the affected Panopto customers needed to be updated to address the change. Canvas's support team updated the key appropriately and the problem is now fixed.

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