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Bulk delete empty folders from past terms

We have Panopto set to provision the courses automatically which works well so faculty can just get started in recording in the recorder without logging into Canvas and clicking the Panopto link to provision. However I am getting questions from faculty on wanting to delete previous terms empty folders as they are all listed in the Panopto client. My hope is to bulk delete the old folders and not have them provision again.


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    This would be such an awesome feature to have in there!

    Auto provisioning of new courses (instead of hitting Bulk Provision) would also be great too!

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    We have folders (and users) provision JiT and it works well.

    With that being said, I would love to have the ability to set up a retention policy for folders as well as sessions.

    For options today, I would recommend reaching out to Panopto Support to see if this is something they could run/assist with.

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    This would be really useful for us too. We can set up content retention rules to delete videos older than X, but that has the potential to leave a lot of empty folders.

    The most useful (as it would cover a range of use cases including people creating a folder then never using it) would be if we could set up a content retention rule to delete folders that are older than X and empty. Otherwise it'd also be somewhat useful if the existing content retention clean-up process could include the (opt-in) option to delete a folder if deleting a video leaves it empty.

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    I think you can limit the terms which will automatically get provisioned from within the Canvas Identity Provider. You could configure that to provision current and future terms and manually remove terms which have concluded. (It would be much better if Panopto had some logic to do that automatically.)

    Then you could delete the empty folders and have them not be re-created.

    This process being automated would make so much more sense though and simplify organization.

    It does seem like this would be relatively to write a script to do this automatically.

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    Yes please!! I have hundreds of empty folders from 7+ years ago.. How do we get rid of them?

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    To reinforce this feature request:
    Within our institution, all Canvas courses are provissioned annually. For us too, we would like to have an option to be able to delete the empty course folders at some point. It would certainly be a good idea to be able to give a retention period to folders as well.

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