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Live Webinar Discussion Moderation Feature

Would love the ability to moderate discussion / chat on live webinars. Currently have to send people to a Google Form or email address or otherwise to submit Q&A.

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    We do this, sort of, by assigning a TA to watch and respond to questions. Webcasts would be even more useful non-authenticated users were allowed to pose questions.

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    Glad to see the new discussion moderation feature available on live webinars, but it's only available to credentialed users. We'd really like the public to be able to comment on live webinars since we now have the moderation feature in place. The video settings under Overview make it seem like Public comments are available, but you have to be credentialed to leave a comment unfortunately.

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    I think Public in that case means other people can see them, as opposed to Private comments between the viewer and the video owner.

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