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Panopto 9 On-Premises Release notes (release date - Dec 2020)

Meghal PatelMeghal Patel Panopto Employee

Please note, this on-premises release was made available in Dec 2020. We are posting the release notes to the forum for reference.

Panopto 9 On-Premises Release (Dec 03, 2020)

This release contains all the new features and improvements that have been released to Panopto’s cloud environments since the previous on-premises release in April 2020.

For more details on new features, settings changes and improvements, please check out our June 2020 cloud update release notes and release notes for fixes included in this version from minor cloud releases up to Sept. 23rd.

Headline Features

  • New Mobile apps — We have released completely new apps for iOS and Android, giving users a modern, fast, and intuitive way to discover and watch relevant content from your organization’s video library right on their mobile devices. The new apps support offline videos, personalized home screen, a comprehensive search experience, and ability to upload or record new videos using their phone’s camera. The new apps are available in the iOS and Android app stores. These apps are compatible with on-premises server version 9 and higher, but not with earlier versions of Panopto.

Note: For Panopto version 9, the legacy mobile apps will still be supported. However, starting with the April 2021 release, legacy apps will no longer be supported.

  • Javascript Embed APIs — Developers can now embed and control Panopto videos on external websites using Javascript. The new Javascript Embed APIs provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to allow you to not only control playback, but also create interactive capabilities on top of Panopto’s embed viewer, enabling scenarios like custom quizzing applications or conditional branching within the video. The API documentation, including sample code, can be found here.
  • Multi-language Captions — Earlier this year, we introduced language-specific caption tracks, allowing users to upload caption files for multiple languages on the captions settings modal for any video. Please note, currently multi-language captions cannot be added from the editor or via integrations with 3rd party caption providers. 

Beta Features

The following features are available for beta testing. These features are not yet ready for production use, but your feedback will help us refine them for release later this year. Please give these features a try and let us know what you think.

  • Panopto Capture (Beta) — User to easily record audio, video, and entire screens or application windows. A user can access Panopto Capture directly within their browser, and no download is required. Please use ‘PanoptoWebEnabled’ to enable or disable Panopto Capture for your site. 

Note: In the release notes for a cloud update on Sept. 10th, there is a mention of Panopto Capture being out of beta for certain browsers. This only applies to customers in cloud environments. For all on-premises customers, Panopto Capture remains in beta.

  • Smart Chapters (Beta) — Panopto’s innovative new Smart Chapters feature uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate a table of contents for any video with a screen capture. Smart Chapters is designed to work for videos recorded by Panopto Capture or from other sources where Powerpoint or Keynote slides are not available. When enabled as "available on-demand,” users can choose to import Smart Chapters within Panopto’s editor interface.

Behavior and Settings changes

Important Changes

  • Internet Explorer 11 Maintenance mode — Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) support will be placed in ‘maintenance mode’. This means only critical issues affecting IE11 will be fixed. Newer features will no longer be tested on IE11, which implies they may not function properly. In certain cases, we might need to block newer features if IE11 does not support the required capabilities.

Please click here to get more information on the Internet Explorer 11 maintenance mode support, including why we are making this decision, how to prepare for this change and other FAQs.

Settings & Behavior updates

The following settings have been added in this release:

  • Enable and control visibility for Panopto Capture (beta) — Please use setting ‘Enable Panopto Capture’ to enable or disable Panopto Capture for your site. By default Panopto Capture is off. You can also control the visibility of Capture and restrict it to only Administrators (default) or make it available to both Administrator and Creators using setting ‘Panopto Capture Availability’. As noted earlier, Panopto Capture is in beta for on-premises customers.
  • Enable Smart ChaptersBETA — This setting will allow you to control Smart Chapters for your site. By default, the setting is set to ‘Don’t generate table of contents’ which implies Smart Chapters are off by default. You can use the setting to make Smart Chapters “Available on demand”, which means a creator can choose to generate Smart Chapters for a video. You can also turn this on by default for all videos by setting it to “Automatically add to my videos”.

The following settings and behavior have changed in this release:

  • Mobile App Release — The choices for the setting “Mobile App Release” setting are now “New” and “Legacy”.  By default, the mobile app release points to the new mobile apps. Please switch this to “Legacy” if you want to use Panopto’s legacy mobile app.
  • Strong Passwords — Strong Passwords are now required by default on all sites. The password complexity requirements, for the internal Panopto Id Provider, has been updated to be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one digit, symbol, lowercase letter, and uppercase letter. Note: This update will not force a password reset. It will apply to new internal user accounts and when users reset their password. External Id Providers are not affected by this change.
  • Remote Recorder Delete After Upload Delay — Updated the description for "Remote Recorder Delete After Upload Delay" setting, to clarify the minimum required remote recorder version is 7.1.1.

For more details on new features, settings changes and improvements, please check out our release notes and release notes for fixes included in this version from minor cloud releases up to Sept. 23rd.

Updated Requirements

  • SQL Server version — Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (latest SP) or higher is required for Panopto version 7 or higher. Please note, starting next release (April 2021), we will increase the minimum required version to Microsoft SQL Server 2017. Note: We recommend applying the latest cumulative updates. 
  • Windows Server version — Starting in the next release (April 2021), Windows Server 2016 or higher will be required to install Panopto server. Windows Server 2012 R2 will no longer be supported.
  • Panopto Mobile app — Starting in the next release (April 2021), Panopto server will only support the new mobile apps. The legacy mobile apps will no longer be supported on major versions after Panopto 9.

For more details on new features, settings changes and improvements, please check out our June 2020 cloud update release notes and release notes for fixes included in this version from minor cloud releases up to Sept. 23rd.

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