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Rename User Groups (admin only)


Would it be possible to allow admins to rename a user group? Currently, we contact Panopto support who runs a script. Being able to rename the odd group here and there would really help with immediate system clean-up maintenance etc...


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    Rationale: we are using Panopto with Blackboard and occasionally courses will be renamed after having been provisioned in Panopto. Consequently, the folder name as well as the Creator and Viewer group names are different from the updated course name. The admin GUI allows only the folder name to be renamed, not the group names (and no SOAP/REST APIs available either).


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    Would love to have this available via the API. We've already written code that would benefit from this functionality (right now, we just have it throw an exception saying "group update functionality is not available via the API").

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    We have wanted this also!

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