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Youtube and Web Page Links Not Displaying in the Panopto Viewer

Josha ChandeJosha Chande Panopto Employee

What is the impact of the issue?

Youtube links and external web pages do not display in the Panopto Viewer.


How do I work around the issue?

You are able to add the YouTube video URL as a contents entry which users can click at the relevant point in the video. Please see here for further details: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Table-of-Contents

Panopto Administrators can also workaround this problem by reprocessing the video


When will this issue be resolved?

We are investigating the root cause at the highest priority and will make updates to this post as they become available.


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    Josha ChandeJosha Chande Panopto Employee

    This issue has now been resolved. All Youtube and web page links in Panopto videos playback as expected in the Panopto Viewer.

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