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Add SOAP API operation for Setting/Unsetting Folder Inheritance

Right now, there does not appear to be a way to change a Folder from "Specific People" to "Inherit" or vice versa.

For us, this is a problem when you have several thousand folders that are set to "Inherit" and you want to programmatically grant targeted access to several thousand different users, because any attempt to Grant Access returns an error message that access cannot be granted on folders that inherit their permissions from a parent folder.

I created a separate Feature Request that asks for the ability to grant permissions on top of inherited permissions, which would address my immediate need. However, the functionality requested here is still very important to people for other uses. Example: https://community.panopto.com/discussion/comment/699 (FR-1998). We had to dig to find that "discussion", so hopefully this "Feature Request" will make it easier for interested parties to track.

While this request specifies SOAP, that is due to the existing Folder Access API functionality only being available via SOAP (I'm trying to be realistic in my ask). I'm sure that a fully functional REST API would also be well received, but I would imagine that's a bit further down the roadmap.

CC from previous: @Charles Barbour @Robin Bolton

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