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Live Audio Monitoring (sound monitor) and Video Preview for all Remote Recorders

Beth SmithBeth Smith Tyro
edited November 2023 in Feature Requests

IT would be great if the remote recorder had the ability to quickly show the user a monitor screen that showed the video feed and audio feed were working.

We get too many recordings with no sound as the scheduled recordings start or an adhoc recordings start but they have no way of seeing if the camera or mics are actually getting picked up and only find out after the fact when it's too late.

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    This doesn't help in a "moment in time" type situation, but we have a department that webcasts all of their remote recorder sessions (with no viewers) so they are able to jump in and make sure that all of the recordings are going properly.

    Most of our users record with the desktop app in the classroom, but we do have a few areas that use remote recorders.

    For the feature request, I think this could be a great opportunity to bring in the mobile apps to use as a confidence monitor or as a controller for remote recorders when users have sessions scheduled in a given room.

    I don't think this should be a 24/7 permission, but only be available when they have an upcoming recording scheduled in a specific room.

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    most of our lecturers now schedule automatic recordings (we don't have desktop recorders on our teaching space computers) and expect to walk into a teaching space at a certain time and it record without them having to do anything other then turn on a mic and use the computer. many do not carry other devices like mobiles with them into teaching spaces. we also don't have enough support people to be monitoring it live.

    just some sort of indication to show there is a video signal and it's picking up a sound signal would be good, better would be a small pop up window like the monitor screen you get on the server.

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    Gotcha, yeah, we use the remote recorder a bit differently here. All of our remote recorders are a second headless windows box that lives in the rack. I am curious if something similar to the pop-up that happens with the desktop app when the audio is silent would work, and if so, if there is a way to enable that for the remote recorder app.

    I think in cases where the desktop that is being used to present is also used for the RR app, it could be very helpful to have a confidence monitor hovering on screen as long as it isn't captured in the recording and that the user can dismiss it. This is also something I would like to see on the desktop app (again as long as it is not captured in the session).

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    Chaz BarbourChaz Barbour Superstar
    edited March 2021

    To monitor audio remotely, I set my RR up for Remote desktop and then installed a VU Meter app. I damn sure don't want my users doing that.

    At a minimum, it would great if the API could help with this. If the Crestron Control system could query the RR for the room and get camera and content thumbnails, as well as some sort of a time averaged volume level, that could be displayed to the user.

    Most importantly, the absence of content, camera, or audio could pop up an error on the Crestron panel.

    In theory, if you ran the audio through the Crestron system and the output to the Panopto box, you could use the Crestron system to monitor and report the audio levels. That won't help you if you don't have an AV system capable of doing so, if the Panopto recorder audio cable gets unplugged, or if the Panopto box's configuration gets changed, but it might be the easiest solution to implement.

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    FWIW, live audio monitoring for RR clients is something that Panopto has on their roadmap to deliver, in at least a beta form, this calendar year. I'm betting that the implementation will address your needs.

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    When would this feature be available for the Maevex 6020 device?

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    It is also not available for Panopto-Certified Video Capture Appliance by Seneca.

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    I would love for the live audio monitoring for RR clients to work on Seneca-branded hardware Remote Recorder machines.

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    This has also come up for my users, and is increasing due to the new Windows 11 update. I'd love to see some sort of alert go out, similar to the current Remote Recorder alerts that go out when there are issues with a scheduled recording. Alerting the user is ideal, but even if we as Admins could be alerted to a scheduled recording running without any audio, we could intervene.

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