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Hide a stream rather than permanently delete

edited March 2021 in Feature Requests


It would be great if users could, in the editor, just hide a stream, rather than permanently delete it. I always get nervous about deleting a stream in case I mistakenly delete the wrong one or then decide at a later date that I want it back.

Thanks for your consideration and apologies if this has been requested elsewhere - I couldn't see it anywhere though.


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  • Hi Jo

    I feel like this was mentioned at the roadmap call a few weeks back and will be a feature at some point down the road. Does anyone else remember this?


  • That's actually what editing a multi-stream recording does: Hides that portion of a stream.

    Of course you can't do that with the primary stream since it currently also contains the audio.

    When I've replaced the primary video stream in the past, sometimes I've left the existing one and just used the editor to hide it rather than removing it from the session.

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