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'views and downloads' reported in Panopto Analytics

Can 'views' and 'downloads' be distinguished? The reports I have seen combine them. From the other data provided in the report (or any other way would be fine too), is there a way of breaking the number of 'views and downloads' in to its two types?

If not, can Panopto tell me the number of users who have registered for automatic download of podcasts?

Understanding at this level of detail is essential to understanding engagement at the individual student level. I hope the analytics can do more than I realise! TIA .... Greg

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    Brian DyerBrian Dyer Whiz Kid
    edited April 2021 Answer ✓

    @GREG VAN MOURIK if you download the report called Views and Downloads by Day you'll see a column called Viewing Type.

    If the video has been downloaded there will be an entry that says Downloaded Video Podcast.

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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
    Answer ✓

    The two workflows operate independently.

    Any use coming through the RSS feed is tracked uniquely but is always deidentified. It is merely a request for someone to download a video. In short, the RSS feed thwarts any and all access controls that may be in place. This is by design and it enables things like iTunes to consume the feed.

    Use directly through the platform will be identified in your case (as long as you have the anyone at the org with the link option in place), and that use will respect access controls/entitlements you've set.


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    Thank you for the quick response Brian. It is very helpful.

    Can Panopto tell me the number of users who have subscribed for automatic download of podcasts?

    TIA ... Greg

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    I haven't seen anything about subscribers yet. Are you using RSS feeds?

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    Yes, that's right ...
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    We haven't allowed that option so I'm not familiar with how to track those numbers yet.

    Sorry I couldn't help with that one!

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    Maybe the stats are in the rss.com platform. Therefore maybe they are available to Panopto, but not Panopto's users??
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    Thanks Brian et al.
    I allowed the rss option thinking it might increase students' engagement with my videos. However, re-reading the following paragraph from the link i quoted earlier suggests these users may be anonymous and therefore they won't be identified in the analytics. Perhaps the reports will be more useful if disable RSS. Can someone confirm this please? TIA ... Greg

    Note: When users download a copy of the video via RSS, the entire duration of the video is counted against usage hours. Sessions downloaded from RSS will show up as anonymous (public) usage. Unavailable or not approved sessions will not show up in an RSS feed
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    @GREG VAN MOURIK - As long as users need to log in to view (Specific People, Anyone at the org, Anyone at the org with the link), stats will be captured in a reliable way. If you don't require that users log in, stats may be captured, but it will be unreliable. Also, if you allow downloads, it will capture the user who clicks the button, but there could be a situation where they are able to share that underlying asset and that use would not be captured.

    Users viewing from the Interactive Viewer will give you the most reliable results (IMHO), but the Embed has become much more reliable in the recent past.

    You are correct that the RSS feed is completely deidentified. ("Someone downloaded from somewhere") We turned off the default for RSS feeds late last year for this very reason, we still have it available, but it is really only useful if identified stats are not important. We use it for a few podcasts in the Apple podcast market, and it is great for that.

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    Thank you very much Michael but I would like to confirm my understanding. In relation to RSS subscriptions you said "we still have it available, but it is really only useful if identified stats are not important" but you also said "As long as users need to log in to view (Specific People, Anyone at the org, Anyone at the org with the link), stats will be captured in a reliable way."

    My setting is "Anyone at the org with the link" and identified stats are very important to me but only in so far as identifying my students who use it, i.e. identifying public users of my podcasts is not important. Thus can I be confident that (1) RSS subscriptions might ensure more students engage with my podcasts and (2) their access to my podcasts via RSS will show up as downloads in the Panopto analytics?

    TIA ... Greg

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