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Highlight Mouse Cursor not working with Capture PPT


An instructor and myself have both noticed within the last couple days that if using Panopto for Windows and selecting the Highlight Mouse Cursor During Screen Capture option and saving in Settings, the mouse is not highlighted when using Capture PowerPoint. In fact, we don't see the mouse cursor at all.

It seems to work in Capture Main Screen however, and I can remember this working with Capture PPT in the past. We are both on version 9.0.2. Is this a bug or a change Panopto made? Anything I can do either in Panopto or PowerPoint to bring this back?

Thank You

Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator
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    Hi Kevin,

    I often recommend leaving both the Capture Powerpoint and the Capture Main Screen options selected when presenting - to get the TOC from the Powerpoint and the mouse movements from the screen capture.

    Capture Powerpoint just inserts a still image of each slide into the video presentation, so it doesn't capture the mouse movements on the screen.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator
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    Also, I just did a quick test, and you can choose to record just the Powerpoint application when using Panopto Capture as the recorder, and the mouse movements will be recorded. In this case, the movements are recorded because it records Powerpoint as a video stream (not still images.) However, The "highlight the mouse cursor" option isn't available in Panopto Capture, but it may still be the way to go if the instructor wants the mouse movements to be shown but not any other application on the machine.


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    Thank you for the reply. I think I was remembering recording PPT slides as video for bumper graphics, and had to hide the mouse cursor in PowerPoint, which I mistakenly was thinking was the highlighted cursor being available if we chose capture PowerPoint.


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