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"View Next" option

It would be great if we could set an option to present a viewer with a list of related content to continue watching. I think this needs to be opt-in and IMHO it should take three forms:

  • Off - nothing is presented after the video.
  • Auto - Picks other content from the folder/sub folders that the user has access to. Creators should be able to see the list of what could be selected and exclude certain items, if need be.
  • Manual - Creator sets content (sessions or folders) that should be presented to the viewer after the video finishes.

Right now it is very difficult to have users continue viewing outside of playlists. While playlists do work well in a lot of cases, I think there should be another option that is a bit more loosely defined.

This isn't super useful in the teaching and learning context, but for other uses of Panopto, this would be great!

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