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Storing Panopto Recordings

I have now made over 100 Panopto recordings over the last two semesters and would like to make backups for on an external hard disk.

Is the only way to do this by going to each recording and downloading them individually, or is there a quick way to do this in batches? I recognise that this would be in a MP4 format and therefore assume that I would lose the captions and thereby the opportunity to edit them if I uploaded the MP4 to Pantopto in the future?

A different but related points is that I notice that the local Panopto recordings folder has 15GB of the recordings. Is there are a way of using these rather than downloading the recordings mentioned? Do they have any purpose? Would I lose anything by deleting the local files from the 'Manage Recordings' tab?

I'd be grateful for any help.



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    KathrynKathryn Administrator


    Panopto doesn't currently have an option for bulk downloading videos. They do download as MP4s, but you could download the caption file separately by going to a video's Settings and then to Captions. You can download the caption file there.

    Panopto's local files are saved by default in Panopto's format, so they are just used as a back-up copy that you can re-upload to Panopto if necessary. You may delete them if you do not think you will need to re-upload the video.

    However, if using Panopto for Windows, you can choose to additionally save each stream that gets recorded as an MP4. These will get saved along with Panopto's typical local files at the time of recording. The MP4s will not be a fully composed video - the presenter video, additional cameras, and screen captures will all be saved as separate MP4s. You could use this as an alternative to downloading the video later though.

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    Many thanks for all your very detailed knowledge and help Kathryn - much appreciated!

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