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Improved contrast for screen elements

Our University's digital accessibility office noticed that contrast on the captions menu is very low. They also feel that it would be better if users were prevented from uploading new captions until auto-captions were first deleted.

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    My understanding is that if you try to upload captions, it won't allow you to do so unless you delete existing ones first. Is that not the case with auto-generated captions?

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    That is not the case with auto-generated captions. This was reported by several users to our accessibility team, fwiw.

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    Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    @Suzanne Cadwell , Thank you raising this conversation topic. I just noticed that my response was in the "drafts" section for several months. I think it's still relevant....

    I reviewed the Captions settings in Panopto for a video with ASR captions. The "order" captions is grayed out! I don't remember when this started to happen, maybe always and I didn't notice. We enabled ASR for all Panopto sessions, now, professional captions are not possible until one deletes the ASR caption, manually, in the editor.

    Below I'm copying Q/A from a live chat support ticket:

    Q: If a folder is set to "Order" professional captions, we should "not add" machine generated captions?

    A: Correct, Adding the ASR captions will fail the professional captions.

    Q: If we were to order professional captions, and add ASR captions -- is this like cancelling a captions "order", and would have to order again? And, would this generate an additional fee?

    A: Yes, you may have to order again and that would incur a second charge.

    Q: (Zoom integration) "Meeting Recordings" is set for machine generated captions automatically. Then, the video is moved to a folder that is set for for "order" professional captions "automatically" - What happens to the video in this case?

    A: No captions will be ordered. You will need to manually order the captions if you would like them in this case. To complete this, you delete the current captions and order the new ones.

    Q: While waiting for professional captions to be completed, is editing disabled (for trimming)?

    A: Yes, you will see a "This session has a pending caption request. The session will be available for editing once the caption request is complete" when you try to edit the session.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Belated thanks, @Elba Rios!

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